Welcome to my ePortfolio for the CSU Chancellor’s Office Course Redesign with Technology Program. Here, you will find the various stages of my Course Redesign Project.

English 103: Using Hybrid Online Instruction to Enhance Student Engagement

Course Name & Description:   English 103 Building on the writing strategies developed in English 102, students in English 103 become well versed in a variety of approaches to constructing the types of genres required in their college courses and in the workplace, including research-based prose. Completion of ENGL 103 prepares students for success in their courses across the curriculum. English 103 is a three-unit course.

Project Abstract: To increase student engagement and success using “high-touch tech.” The goal is to utilize digital tools outside of class to keep students connected to the writing process throughout the week. This hybrid format will also enable the use of more class time for active writing, revision, and oral feedback from the instructor. Keeping students engaged will help retain students and pass this fundamental first year course with confidence in their writing ability that will transfer to the other courses throughout their academic career.

GE Credit: Writing Requirement A-2.

Keywords/Tags: Hybrid, Writing Instruction, Feedback on Student Writing, Writing Intensive

Instructional Delivery:  Hybrid

Pedagogical Approaches:  Voicethread, Peer Review, Online videos, Oral Recorded Feedback

Class Size: 20