Stage 3

Redesign Planning

Implementing the Redesigned Course

Changing to a Hybrid format

Face-to-face class structure: 15-20 minute lecture followed by group activity and engagement, days for in-class writing, days for one-on-one conferencing with students

Online classes: peer review via VoiceThread, drafting via Google Docs, online discussions

Using Zoom for office hours and one-on-one conferencing

Adopted Technology

Voicethread – students are asked to read their essays out loud on Voicethread enabling them to catch their own mistakes *fix word*, then fellow students leave voice comments responding to the student writing; Voicethread is also used for class discussions, giving students time to think, record, and (delete) re-record if needed offering fuller discussions

Google Docs – students use Google Docs to draft both in and outside of class, are able to collaborate on research and writing, and build documents both together and individually. I’m also able to leave feedback via Google Docs.

Zoom – utilizing Zoom for office hours allows easier access for commuter students and students with many responsibilities outside of school, Zoom can also accommodate students with disabilities that may struggle to get to office hours

Professional Development Activities

CRT Summer Institute

PLC Webinars

QA Course: “Improving Your Online Course”

Conference on College Composition and Communication – co-presented a workshop “High Touch Tech: Using Web-Based Tools to Cultivate Student Inclusion and Self-Efficacy in the Composition Classroom.”

Syllabus of Redesigned Course

English 103 Syllabus